Young Friends • Programme 2021 – 2022

Bayreuth Festival 2022 

21st July • Tannhäuser, dress rehearsal
23d July • Lohengrin, dress rehearsal

June 2022 • Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, Deutsche Oper Berlin

7th April 2022 • Walküre, Staatsoper Stuttgart

1st February 2022 • 6 p. m. : Zoom-Talk — Die Kostümabteilung der Bayreuther Festspiele

Kostümdirektorin, Susanne Suhr, gibt Einblick in die Arbeit der Kostümabteilung am Beispiel des Elisabeth-Kostüms der aktuellen Tannhäuser-Produktion.

28th October 2021 • Dress rehearsal of Tristan und Isolde in the Deutsche Oper am Rhein / Theater Duisburg.

On 2nd August — let’s meet for a beer in the Biergarten „Liebensbier“ after Tannhäuser!

April 2021 online

14 April • 6.30 pm (German time) • Zoom-Talk about the production Tannhäuserwith Lise Davidsen (Elisabeth) and Stephen Gould (Tannhäuser) • Moderator: Konrad Kuhn (Dramaturgy Tannhäuser)

19 April • 7.30 pm (German time) • Zoom-Talk about the production Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg with Barrie Kosky (Stage Director) and Johannes Martin Kränzle (Sixtus Beckmesser) • Moderator: Klaus Kalchschmid

Moreover we put aside an allocation of tickets for the Young Friends for some performances of Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, Tannhäuser and Die Walküreand are also working on an accompanying programme for that period.

A brief look back. Last year the Young Friends met for:

  • January 16th 2020 • Dress-rehearsal Tristan und Isolde • Oper Frankfurt.
  • March 7th • Rehearsal Das Rheingold • Mainfrankentheater Würzburg

The rest of the programme had to be cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic. Young Friends would have attended many venues at the Festival:

  • Tannhäuser • Orchestra rehearsals
  • Lohengrin • Main rehearsal
  • Tannhäuser, Lohengrin & Meistersinger •  Performances in cooperation with Juvenilia
  • Excursion retracing Richard Wagner’s footsteps with the Friends of Bayreuth — including ex Young Friends.

Nothing of this took place in 2020. Let’s hope in a reunion in the coming year!

2019 the Young Friends visited the Stage rehearsals of Tristan und Isolde andParsifal and meet with  Katharina Wagner at the artist restaurant.

2018 the programme included the final rehearsal of Die Meistersinger von Nürnbergand Tristan und Isolde, as well as Picnic in the park and barbecue after the rehearsals.

Exclusively for our Members: Sven Friedrich, Director of the  Richard Wagner Museum in Bayreuth, presents a short introducing lecture to each production of the Green Hill. Those are to view in our Members’ pages (Video).