73 years dedication

We are dedicated to the preservation of the Festspielhaus, the 146th anniversary of which we will be celebrating in 2022.

The Festspielhaus was originally imagined by Wagner as the ideal venue to showcase his works. It was built to offer the best possible conditions for performances, at prices that would be affordable to the general public. The Festspielhaus was not designed to last. Nevertheless, it has delighted generations of music lovers since 1876.

This would not have been possible without the engagement and generosity of our Friends, donors and sponsors. Since 1949, they have contributed 140 million euros to the longevity and unrivalled quality of the Festival.

Discover the many achievements allowed by such generosity: restoration, reconstruction, new technology…

Our next challenge is the complete renovation of the Festspielhaus. Your support has never been needed so much.

 Join us to preserve Bayreuth’s specific magic.