We are very much looking forward to your visits during the Festival period. As usual, we shall be happy to welcome you in our secretariat on performance days from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, from two hours before the start of the performance and in the first interval.

Please note that the East side of the Festival premises (behind the stage, between the rehearsal stages) is fenced off and is now a working area only accessible to the staff. This means that you can only reach our secretariat via the forecourt in front of the Royal Entrance façade (see below)

If you have any questions, we shall of course be pleased to answer them.

huegelplan 2016

  • As advanced security measures by the police cannot be ruled out, please plan to arrive at the Festspielhaus and enter a little earlier than usual.We recommend arriving about 30 minutes before the performance.
  • Please carry a valid government-issued ID so you can be identified with your ticket.
  • For safety reasons, it is prohibited to take the following into the Festspielhaus:
    — Bulky items, in particular bags and backpacks of any kind, except for evening handbags,
    — Sharp or pointed objects, as well as any other objects that are hazardous or could be used as a weapon,
    — Cushions; at the Festspielhaus cloakroom, a limited number of seat cushions are available to borrow,
    — Drink bottles and other liquid containers.
    Please note that there are no storage facilities for them inside the Festspielhaus.
    Medically justified exceptions should be discussed with the entry and security personnel.
  • When coming by car a change of traffic control will be enforced from
    approx. 2 hours before the beginning of the performance. Exiting is as usual.
  • Access for disabled, handicapped and severely handicapped visitors with appropriate identification is possible via the traffic island below the parking area. In urgent or particularly complex cases, it is recommended to contact the Bavarian Red Cross a few days before your visit
    (telephone: +49 (o)175 99 96 279).

• map (print version)
• latest circular from the Bayreuth Festival for your information.