Summer 2017

In addition to this official meeting, you will have an opportunity to renew acquaintances or to get to know other Members and strike up conversations at our series of “Friends meet Friends” and “Digestif” events.

Öffnungszeiten während der Festspiele
Please note our information concerning the security measures in this summer 2016

The Friends of Bayreuth present this year Sven Friedrich’s introductory lectures relating to that day’s production. They take place in the auditorium of the Festspielhaus at 10.30 a.m. on every performance day. The entry ticket for the evening’s performance entitles the holder to free admission. It is unfortunately not possible to reserve seats in advance. Admission to the introductory lectures is from the West side (road side).  Explanations by Sven Friedrich on the current productions are also available in the video archives in the members-only section of our website

27th  July • 10:00
68. Mitgliederversammlung der
Gesellschaft der Freunde von Bayreuth e.V.
General Meeting • Assemblée générale
••• Steigenberger Festspielrestaurant

28th  July • 19:00
Blaue Stunde auf dem Grünen Hügel
Blue Hour • L’Heure bleue
••• Festspielhaus-Vorplatz

On the first performance-free day of the Festival season, we shall be inviting you to spend the Blue Hour among Friends on the Grüner Hügel. Whether you would like to start the evening pleasantly between the performances, celebrate your arrival in Bayreuth or take your leave of the Grüner Hügel, on Friday, 28th July, we are converting the forecourt in front of the Festspielhaus into a cocktail bar just for you. Enjoy the evening with us and the Friends over a martini or bellini and watch the stars rise over the Festspielhaus from 7 p.m. on. The invitation card is enclosed.

1st August • 21:50
Digestif »Siegfried«
••• Lounge

After the great success of the past years, there will be another “Digestif” series on selected performance days this year, when it will be possible to look back on the performance concerned: inspired, entranced, horrified, astounded, fascinated, incensed, overwhelmed, blissful – the moods in which one leaves the Festspielhaus in the Summer are very varied.Instead of being stuck in the queues of cars waiting to get out of the car parks or joining the crowds waiting for taxis to leave the Grüner Hügel, why not remain up there for a little while longer? You can relax with a good glass of wine and discuss your impressions with other Members, and let the evening draw to a close in the company of friends.We have invited the production teams and soloists from each evening’s productions to join us. After the performances listed below, we shall meet in the Lounge of the Steigenberger Festspielrestaurant.We look forward to seeing you, your family and friends and the people sitting next to you in the theatre.

6th August • 10:30
Freunde treffen Freunde ••• Friends meet Friends ••• À la rencontre des amis
PRODUCTION I ••• Patric Seibert
••• Klaviermanufaktur Steingraeber

In the final year of Frank Castorf’s production of “Der Ring des Nibelungen”, Patric Seibert, the production assistant and actor, gives a personal summing up of the five years of the production. It will be the last opportunity to find out how the crocodile proliferation came about, what there is behind Brünnhilde’s caravan and what challenges the artistic team had to face in the five “Ring” years.

7th August • 22:45
Digestif »Meistersinger«
••• Lounge

10th August • 19:30
Wahnfried-Konzert für die Freunde ••• Concert for the Friends ••• Concert pour les amis
Lieder Evening with Johannes Martin Kränzle & Hilke Dumno, Piano
••• Haus Wahnfried

13th August • 10:30
Freunde treffen Freunde ••• Friends meet Friends ••• À la rencontre des amis
PRODUCTION II ••• Christian Stadlhofer
••• Klaviermanufaktur Steingraeber

Staircases, potion and death. Illusion, vision, projection. Roles, colours, triangles. Katharina Wagner’s production of “Tristan und Isolde” is rich in symbols and images.The production assistant, Christian Stadlhofer, offers an insight into the production and answers the Friends’ questions.

16th August • 21:55
Digestif »Tristan«
••• Lounge

21th August • 22:00
Digestif »Parsifal«
••• Lounge

26th August • 10:30
Freunde treffen Freunde ••• Friends meet Friends ••• À la rencontre des amis
PRODUCTION III ••• Uwe Eric Laufenberg
••• Klaviermanufaktur Steingraeber

Trap for critics, or God? Kundry’s redemption or not? Paradise or tropical jungle? Klingsor’s fetish or obsession? Redemption for the Redeemer or theatrical magic? In the course of the morning, you will have an opportunity to talk to the producer, Uwe Eric Laufenberg, about his “Parsifal” production and to ask him questions.